Basic Cockroach Eradication Process

The goal of this special report is to quickly tell you about some of the best options I have discovered for getting rid of cockroaches. These are the products I uncovered through months of research combined with plenty of trial and error. My goal was to get rid of the roaches with only products I was comfortable using in a small space around a curious toddler.

One important truth I discovered along the way is that the process you follow is as important to your success as the products you choose.

Cockroaches reproduce quickly. They are hardy creatures and their rapid reproduction allows them to adapt to many consumer grade pest control poisons. Working without a solid plan can even make some poisons less effective over time.

With that in mind, I want to give you a short overview of my process for eradicating cockroaches. This 'big picture' view should help you plan out your own approach and provide an important framework for using the information shared in the rest of this report.

The process includes the following four steps:

  1. Clean and Clear
  2. Close Down The Cockroach Highway
  3. Catch and Kill
  4. Create A 'No-Cockroach Zone'

Before we move on to the heart of this report, let's do a quick breakdown of each step.


The first order of business is to clear out nesting areas and food sources. This means getting rid of clutter, throwing out old newspapers and magazines, sealing food in airtight containers, emptying and cleaning trash cans, cleaning refrigerators, cleaning stoves... I think you get the idea.

During my ordeal, I took out the kitchen trash nearly every night. There are few things more disgusting than opening the top of the trash can to see cockroaches crawling all over the scraps from last night's dinner. Get the garbage outside as fast as possible.

If you give the roaches comfortable places to live and plenty of food, you will never be rid of them. You can bomb your home all day with poison and it will not stop the problem.


Cockroaches travel around your home inside the walls. They enter and exit the walls through cracks and holes. Close the holes and they are trapped.

Most holes and cracks in the walls of your home exist around plumbing fixtures, electrical boxes, and along the bottom of walls where they meet the floor.

Large holes can be filled with steel wool and spray-foam insulation. Small holes and cracks can be sealed using silicone caulk. The gaps around light switches and electrical outlets can be sealed using foam pads intended for use as insulation (they stop roaches as effectively as they block drafts.)

Start by sealing holes under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen. Cockroaches need water more than food. They are most attracted to these areas. Once those spots are taken care of, move room-by-room sealing up other holes and cracks.

If you see a roach slip into a crack, seal it! Keep the caulk handy.

NOTE: Air drafts move through the same pathways as cockroaches. Closing them off will make your home less drafty and a little bit more energy efficient. A nice bonus for your efforts.


Once the pathways into the walls are sealed, the hunt is on. The remaining roaches inside the living space will be forced to move around out in the open. Use powders, baits, glue traps and sprays to hunt them to extermination.

I recommend placing glue traps along the walls near any place you suspect the roaches are hiding. They eliminate cockroaches without using any poison and the traps will make it easier to determine exactly where the roaches are moving. You can follow-up with more treatments when you discover an active pathway.


The final step involves taking steps to make your home inhospitable to future infestations. If they don't like the place they will move on.

Roaches will get into your house from time-to-time. It is impossible to block them out with 100 percent certainty. They hitch rides on peoples clothes and inside boxes and bags. One might even slip through an open window or door.

The goal is to keep them from staying when the odd roach does get inside.

Discreetly placed bait traps, powders, and repellents can make your home unpleasant for roaches without making it uncomfortable for you.


I recommend going through the steps in order, but you can adjust the process as you see fit. Just make sure you follow through on all 4 steps for lasting results. Every step is important to your success.

Now, on to my secret weapon.